Client St. Davids Cold Storage Inc.
Designer IES INC
Scope Net-Metering, Grid-Tied





In late 2019 IES started the design process for this commercial, net-metered system which lead to a successful completion in Nov 2020. In order to move forward with this project the following steps were taken.

  • 1) We reviewed the annual electricity bills so we could size the solar array appropriately.
  • 2) A preliminary roof layout and panel design was created.
  • 3) The electrical engineers were engaged to prepare the connection impact assessment which was to be reviewed by Niagara on the lake hydro.
  • 4) We got approval from NOTL hydro and we were able to move forward with product procurement and preliminary installation.
  • 5) The installation was broken into 3 categories, racking, electrical work, Panels. Total installation time was 3 months but due to a covid related product delay we were pushed back an additional month.

This system was designed to offset as much of the buildings annual electricity usage as possible while staying with in warranty limits. The system is made up of 2044, 400W q-cell solar panels. 10 Huawei 50 kW inverters were used to reach a total AC size of 500kW.  So far all is well and the customer is very happy. We will be checking back in with the customer this coming Nov 2021.                                                                            

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