Rural Property Battery Back-up

This owner runs summer cottage rentals along the east coast of Maine. This compound contains 3 cottages, 1 Barn as shown, 1 garage apartment and 1 utility shed which is the distribution center for the electricity on the property. This site experiences frequent and prolonged power outages due to the remoteness and falling trees on old power lines.

The owner insists that their renters are not interrupted by constant generator noise or inconvenienced by power fluctuations or outages. To meet the owners needs, IES designed a system that has batteries for back up while at the same time, selling excess energy back to the grid for credits on their hydro bill (net-metering)

System Components

  • 9, 280W mono-crystalline panels with black backing and trim
  • 8kW Outback Radian inverter
  • Outback FM 80 MPPT charge controller
  • 16 x 550 amp hour batteries = 1100 amp hours @48V
  • Outback Mate, for monitoring and internet monitoring
  • necessary disconnects, cabling and combiner box

This system runs:

  • lights
  • communication equipment
  • Televisions
  • refrigeration
  • home network systems
  • security systems
  • small appliances
  • septic pump
  • Well pump

Lessons learned by the owner:

During prolonged power outages, the owner will go into each cabin and turn off the breakers for the heavy electrical use appliances. The cabins are left with limited lighting, refrigeration and one outlet for charging phones or laptops.

The owner plans to install an additional 6 panels to keep the batteries from discharging past 60% during prolonged power outages. Because this system also performs a net-metering function, this will help to build up energy credits during the off season, to be used up by the renters, keeping the energy bills low.

If you have questions about your cottage or even your house, Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Client Summer Rental East Coast Cottage
Designer IES INC
Scope Battery Backup, Net-Metering
build date spring 2016

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