Safety Statement: 

Informed Energy Solutions Inc (IES) wants to ensure that all customers are safe during the installation, operation and maintenance of their new and or existing products purchased from IES.  It is therefore recommended that all customers do not attempt to install, operate or maintain their own systems if they are not trained to do so or have no experience with electrical, construction, general design and electrical and structural engineering.

Electrical systems are dangerous to those who do not know how to work on or around them. IES recommends that all electrical work be performed by a licensed electrician. Licensed electricians will require an electrical permit from ESA and an inspection from ESA prior to the operation of a solar system.  

Depending on where a customer wants to install their new products, roof work may be required. IES recommends that only people with valid working at heights training be used. Those installers must follow the requirements of the training.

DIY Kits:

For customers who have experience with general construction techniques, electrical engineering, is a licensed electrician and or feel comfortable doing their own system design and installation, IES has prepared DIY kits. IES has ensured that these kits come with everything listed in their product descriptions. These kits do not come with tools or safety equipment that may be required. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to review the materials list prior to placing an order.

IES is not liable or responsible for any misuse of the system which may result in damage to the system, personal injury or death.

IES will provide installation manuals and links to instructional videos to assist customers in their understanding of the systems components and installation requirements. Any resources provided are sourced from the manufacture’s archives. In no way is IES liable if these resources result in unsatisfactory results.

IES Installed Systems:

List of Responsibilities/Scope of work:
  • As the contractor, Informed Energy Solutions Inc. (IES) will supply and install the solar photovoltaic (PV) system described above in accordance with the LDC, ESA, local building department and (if required) IESO regulations.
  • IES will engage a structural engineer for a stamped analysis of the roof structure in order to obtain a building permit.
  • IES will communicate with the LDC to coordinate the connection of the system.
  • IES will commission the system to ensure that it is functioning properly. Part of commissioning the system is installing the monitoring equipment. A permanent, consistent internet connection will be required and is the responsibility of the client. Internet monitoring is set up after the connection.
  • IES will ensure a clean site during construction.
  • All systems installed by IES come with a one (1) year parts and labour warranty. All other warranties are manufactures warranties which means the customer will have to deal directly with the manufacturer to process warranty claims outside of the 1 year period.