Are You Considering Having Solar Panels Installed?


Battery Back-up or Off Grid Solutions

Typically, these systems are best used for small electrical loads like a backup sump pump, emergency lighting and communication systems. The majority of these systems are sold to off-grid cottages, marine applications and RV applications.

Designing and building an off-grid house or cottage is an impressive undertaking, no matter the size. Reach out to us if you have questions and pricing requests, this is what we do! Keep in mind that IES has pre-designed DIY kits that can save you time and money while providing ample energy and value.


Net-Metering (Grid-Tie Systems)

This is the most common type of residential solar installation. Net metering allows a homeowner to install a system on their roof (or in their yard as a ground mounted unit) and completely offset or reduce their monthly energy bills.

How does Net-metering work? Once a solar system is installed on the roof and it is producing energy, all of the energy produced will be automatically deducted from the energy that the home has consumed. The homeowner is then billed the net difference between what they purchased and what they sold. During the spring and summer months when production is at its maximum, there may be instances where the solar system produces more energy than what the home consumes. In this case, the electrical account for the home will be in a credit position. This account will hold credits for the period of 1 year until they are used up (typically in the winter months). If you have credits left over at the 1 year time, they are erased and a new 1 year period starts.


Panel-by-Panel & Do-It-Yourself Systems

DIY kits for your cottage, home, boat or RV can be purchased right from this website.
*Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you achieve your energy goals.

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