The Niagara Net-Zero Project

Successfully designed and built using local skills and labor

Located in Jordan, Ontario. This Net-Zero house was designed and built by the partnership of Gary Vida, John Leyenhorst, Lewis Nickerson and Woody Nickerson. The Four of us incorporated Informed Energy Solutions with the goal of designing and building southern Ontario’s most energy efficient home. The hope was that our leadership would encourage others to utilize new and efficient technologies while embracing renewable energies to power their homes. The result was southern Ontario’s first Net-Zero home.  Net-Zero refers to the energy balance of the house. this house produces more energy than it consumes. Making the energy consumption net-zero at the end of each year.

Solar PV panels are essential for any Net-Zero house. At the time of construction(2009), the solar panel industry in Ontario was just beginning and there were very few solar panel systems in operation. As construction continued the MicroFIT program for Ontario was launched. This house holds the very first Microfit contract in operation through out the Niagara region.

Since 2009, solar panel and solar inverter technology has advanced to the point where we can produce more energy with half the space. The costs have come down substantially and it is now feasible to own and operate your own solar array with out solar subsides.

In order to obtain Net-Zero Status, this house utilized many energy saving techniques and technologies.

Listed below are note worthy technologies and construction practices used in the house;

  • 10 kW solar PV system
  • 2 solar hot water, evacuated tube system for domestic hot water
  • Insulated concrete forms construction. Very hair tight and has a high R-value
  • Geothermal ground source heat pump, horizontal loop
    • Radiant in floor heating through out the basement, hot water produced by the heat pump as a by product
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation with variable speed DC motors
  • Power pipe, heat recover down pipe
  • passive solar heating through south facing windows in winter. shade in summer
  • Thermal mass through out interior walls
  • R-80 blown in insulation through-out the attic
  • Rain water cistern under garage floor for toilet water, gardens, and outdoor landscaping
  • many more features

Reaching this goal, IES is proud to present the Niagara Net-Zero Project.


If you have question about how you can off set your energy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IES can design and build systems of various sizes to help you reach your own goals.


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Client Private Residential
Designer IES INC
Scope Net-Zero Home Construction
build date 2009

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